Yaddaa User Guide

Welcome to Yaddaa.com

As you visit our site:

– You can login from our home page in two easy and convenient locations. You may select the remember me option for future logins.

Registering is very easy with Yaddaa.com

If you forgot your password, then no problem. Just select forgot password and enter the email you used to register your account. Yaddaa will send you a password rest link directly to your email. Click on the link and change/ update your password.

Your profile and options:

Once you have created your profile, you are required to complete your profile information. This will enable our team to validate your profile and provide your profile with a validation icon accordingly so that other members may be comfortable to connect and interact with you.

When you access your profile, you will notice that your dashboard will provide you with an abundance of information that will ensure a great user experience. You will be able to manage your friends, followers and the individuals you are following. You will also be able to upload your avatar image and background image.

You can use the share link to share your profile with others or even share it to all available social media platforms so that you may invite others to join you on Yaddaa.